Fortuna and Salacia 8th May
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Your Zoom Tutorial May 6th-7th

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  1. Thank you for these lovely Zoom sessions Jessica! I have enjoyed everyone of them and am learning heaps by doing.
    I was wondering would it be possible to have a quick overview sometime about different aspects and their degrees, if possible?
    Also I pulled 2 cards and both of them are sixes:
    1. How will the 9 degree Fortuna/Salacia aspect around 8 may effect me personally: 6 of wands
    2. How the factors at 18 degrees around 8 may will effect me personally?: 6 of pentacles – interestingly I have South Node at 19 degrees Taurus
    Keen to see how this unfolds 🙂

    1. Thank you. I’ll go into the aspects in a new series of video recordings later this year. The Tarot strongly picked up your South Node at 19 Taurus in the Second House of money and you pulled pentacles. Pulling two cards instead of one may have muddled the reading, but work with this second card and look at the forthcoming conjunction of Jupiter at 18 Taurus to your South Node. Look at what happened 18-19 years prior. To do this download a 2024 Ephemeris from (unless you have software) to check the passage of Jupiter.

  2. Hi Jessica
    I really enjoy the zoom sessions. I’m learning for me, not to become professional, just so I can better guess ‘the weather’. I would really appreciate if you could ‘mark my homework’, am I warm/hot/cold with my analysis. I’m still coming up to speed on the language (aspects/exacts …so apologies for clunky descriptions)

    I drew The Chariot – I’m in Milan next Thurs-Sat, social trip, so I can see that clearly, but Fortuna squares my 10 Sun Pisces (12H) and I automatically veer negative ‘cannot be squared’. I expect my 8 Fortuna Cancer (4H) to also be in the story, with the Fortuna-Fortuna direct aspects, but I can’t place the narrative. It seems more relevant to the Salacia aspect? (my home, flood, insurance ‘trying it on’ to minimise the claim).

    9 Salacia in Aries is on my 10 Diana – I certainly want freedom (victory) from the Insurance scenario, is that a fair interpretation? (Warm/hot/cold?)

    Now, what do I do with 9 Psyche in Virgo (6H)? Where does it ‘best’ belong?

    Thank you so much, I do enjoy the lessons/zoom calls.

    1. The Chariot is telling you about your Milan trip. Try to keep it simple. Salacia-Fortuna are circling the Ninth House of foreigners and foreign places in that trine. I can’t see your chart here but this trip is not Pisces, nor Cancer, nor Virgo. You said it was social. This may be about your reputation or appearance (Aries). Thank you.

  3. Hello Jessica-
    Thank you so much for the learning, which I find fascinating. Out of my depth but I’m enjoying it just the same.
    I pulled Ace of Wands which quite surprised me. I have North Node at 8 Sag, and Salacia at 9 Capricorn. 7 Vulcano in Gemini, and of course South Node at 8 Gemini. Monday when Jupiter is at 28 Aries, he rings a bell at several 28s in my chart- Uranus in Cancer, ( with Diana at 29), and Moon conjunct Neptune at 28 Libra. Would Jupiter effect the Salacia/Fortuna trine situation at all or are they two separate issues?
    I could not watch royals today. I can’t get past the Diana issue. Though I saw pictures on the newsfeed and thought Kate was luminous. I hope Harry somehow makes peace with himself and what happened when he was twelve.
    Thanks for helping me find the same for myself.

    1. Thank you very much for your kind words. The Ace of Wands is the big idea/concept/brainwave that lands and is usually Gemini, Third House or Mercury. You have the South Node at 8 Gemini and Vulcano at 7 Gemini. So there you go. The Tarot card matches your chart. Just focus on that next week and crucially, ground and plant the plan otherwise it will come to nothing. It could grow and grow when Jupiter goes to 7, 8 Gemini in 2024, you see. As for the Coronation, every single person on this website (bar one) could not watch it. I could not watch it. I did shed tears for Diana and Harry. The suffering!

    2. Thanks Jessica, much appreciated. Looks like I have a clear case of ‘analysis-paralysis’! I’m a member of your main website and I use that birth chart as my reference.

  4. Hi Jessica,
    I am loving these tutorials so much!!! I drew the four of wands card today – one of my favourites:) It’s such a happy home card and always reminds me of weddings and family-based celebrations – gigs and music festivals too!!! How do you interpret the Salacia/Fortuna trine in the light of this card??? I’m releasing the lead single for the my new album on May 15 – followed by the album on May 19 ( as you so kindly suggested!!!) I thought you might be interested to know I shot the video for the single, Ruby Ruby, on the day of the Sun-Jupiter conjunction in Aries, April 12 (with all its glorious red imagery) – and also announced the launch of the Fire Dove album and pre-order media campaign that day (you asked me to report back!) I was very chuffed to see Fire Dove high in the All Genres Music pre-order charts soon after which is pretty amazing for an independent artist. Thank-you again for a great tutorial today Jessica 🙂 Susan 🌟💫

    1. Thank you. The Four of Wands has nothing to do with Salacia trine Fortuna. It’s about Cancer/Fourth House matters so that’s something else you are seeing. Your timing for your album is great on May 19th. There may be some delays and flux until June 1st but it works out for you long term. Well done on using the Sun-Jupiter conjunction in Aries and watching Fire Dove, your album, high in the charts. Fantastic.

  5. I could watch the Coronation. I was expecting more smiling but everyone looked so solemn. I mean I know its not a big party and didn’t expect laughing but I did expect more smiling and beaming faces. No one looked happy, in my opinion! I didn’t get to hear Charles’ speech though. I loved his Mother’s speech and was wondering if his was comprable. Bee interesting to see how it all plays out.

  6. Hi, Jessica. In personal chart I have Me 9 in Aq , chiron 9 Cap, Mc 9 Canc, Mars 8 Scor . So am I placing these planets into my sun chart in their respective houses? If so, then in Sun chart I have Me 9 in Aq, 4th house, MC 9 Cancer 6th house, Chiron 9 in Cap in 12th and Mars 8 in Sco in 10th. Not sure I’m doing this correctly. Am I supposed to be figuring the aspects from each of these to Fortuna? Thanks for the awesome work y’all do on the weekly classes.

    1. Okay, so all you need to do is draw in the aspect of the week, into your public (Sun Sign) chart. That’s your public prediction. You don’t say what your Sun Sign is so I can’t tell you any more. Your private chart, or birth/natal chart, is equally important. Here, you either print it out and scribble on Fortuna and Salacia with their signs and degrees, or you just use the chart online and make notes in your journal. Fortuna at 9 Sagittarius trine Salacia at 9 Aries on 8th May will have shown up by now. You should have interpreted transiting (travelling) Fortuna at 9 Sagittarius in your Ninth House of foreigners and foreign countries and Salacia at 9 Aries in your First House of reputation, appearance and title. This would have picked up your natal Mercury at 8 Aquarius in your Eleventh House of groups and friends. Natal Chiron at 9 Capricorn in your Tenth House of success. Your MC or Midheaven at 9 Cancer in your Fourth House of home and family. Your natal Mars at 8 Scorpio in your Eighth House of joint finance and property. So what happened? Now you can figure out the pattern and how you used it when it came.

      1. Thanks so much. Obviously, I’m not taking this course to be an astrologer LOL. I’ve been studying astrologer for many years and even though I have plenty of intuition, it hasn’t clicked with “transit” reading yet. I appreciate your explanation and will study it!

  7. Oh to add to my last comment. I just watched the concert. It was great and I did see lots of smiling there! William gave a great speech, short and to the point!

  8. Hi Jessica and Alicia,
    Thanks once again for a great Zoom and informative write-up. 🙂
    I’ve just caught up, watched the recording of yesterdays’ Zoom.
    I drew 7 Pentacles for the Fortuna/Salacia Trine this week.
    This card makes a lot of sense to me – I am working very hard on study, ignoring ilness, to work on assignments for my Photography degree, as well as continuous study and curious searching on all things Astrology and Tarot.
    I am putting in the work and the 7 Pentacles is me, hard work in hopes of future prosperity.
    I have only 1 factor at 09 – Neptune at 09 Sagittarius. I’m wondering if the world effects of the Trine will be personal for me, in some confusing way? I was very much affected by the Eclipse last week (full moons always rob me of sleep – but this was next level! 2 full nights wide awake, not even sedatives helped).
    I have Salacia at 6 Aquarius (my husband is Aquarian – and definitely the detached male mentioned in your Weekly Cancer forecast this week!) and Fortuna 20 Gemini (Fate brought me my twins sons.)
    Last week, a psychic medium that I have seen a few times over the years asked me to sit for free for a reading by one of her students (she is teaching/guiding a small group on Evidentiary Mediumship). Many interesting things came up – but the Cards the student pulled for me where Queen of Wands + King of Wands + The Emperor. 3 Thrones. I wondered if I was being directed to pay attention to the Coronation.
    After the reading, the Medium asked me to join their group as she believes I have something to offer, and would be welcome to learn along with her students. I thought it would be a good opportunity to refine my Astrology and Tarot predictive skills with people in real life. It was a very unexpected invitation to join a new group. You have noted to me in comments on your site previously that I am possibly capable of this. I have so much to learn, but this feels like a positive confirmation.
    I feel like the Sun and Uranus at 18 Taurus might also have a impact on me this week – I have the Sun & Desc at 17 Cancer, Asc 17 Capricorn, Baccus 18 Aquarius, Apollo 18 Gemini & Hygeia 17 Gemini. There a bit going on there, and indeed it seems like there is a bit going on for everyone this week.
    Hope you manage to stay warm in Hobart – its ‘freezing’ here in Queensland, but perhaps not comparatively.
    Blessings to you Jessica. Thank you again for your teachings.

    1. Thank you Diana in Pisces. The Seven of Pentacles (or Coins) is the ‘money gardening’ card. So you go to Taurus and your Second House as this is about what you grow. Taurus is an earth sign and rules gardening, together with Virgo. You may have transiting aspects to natal Taurus factors this week – you asked about Fortuna and Salacia – so we would expect those to be driving the pattern in Taurus for you. None of the signs/houses you mention here are Taurus. It’s good you are learning mediumship. It is possible you were not concentrating on the actual question, about Fortuna and Salacia, but just jumped to a general enquiry about the week ahead. This would work with the transiting Sun and Uranus at 18 Taurus sextile your Sun at 17 Cancer. Cancer rules security, the house, the apartment, the garden, the land. Have a look at any other fit, and see if you can figure out why this card appeared for you.

  9. Just wondering whether there are other Astrology newbies in the group? I have been looking for a basic text that will help me with Astrology terminology and chart analysis and came across this free pdf version of “The Only Astrology Book you’ll ever need” by JOANNA MARTINE WOOLFOLK (2006 version) at:

    The newer version is 2013. I find it very helpful…hopefully will help others too.
    Book description: This new edition of The Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need is packed with updated information on Sun signs, Moon signs, Ascending signs, the placement of Planets in your Houses, and the latest astronomical discoveries. This book provides the compatibility between every sign (144 combinations) and dispenses advice about health, money, lifestyle, and romance, while also offering advice on dealing with the negative aspects of each sign. This edition also takes an even closer look at the inner life of the individual and the emotional needs that motivate a person. Chapters include a look back on the history and mythology of astrology as well as the newest developments in astronomy. This is an indispensable source book for unlocking the mysteries of the cosmos through the twenty-first century and beyond.

  10. I am hoping we are going to cover the big New Moon this weekend. I really want to know where to focus my energy prior to the start of the moon. I didn’t realize the line up is a once in a lifetime event. Very exciting. So happy to be here and learn from you Jessica!!


    1. Sure, this will come up in Live Chat questions I’m sure. The Mars-Pluto opposition is even more rare (first time in 248 years) but the New Moon in Taurus, alongside Jupiter in Taurus, can only happen every 12 years.

  11. Hi Jessica. Is it possible to download and use AstroGold on an Android computer/laptop? I have looked at the website and the options appear to be for Mac computers and phones/tablets only. Am I interpreting this incorrectly?

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