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If you have an interest in writing and a passion for storytelling and Astrology then you have what it takes to be a Sun Sign Astrologer. With the Sun Sign School you can learn from some of the most influential astrologers of our time.

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Learn from some of the world's most influential astrologers and tarot readers.

Why us

Look to the future.

The world is changing and the world needs your fresh perspective on Astrology. Learn how to become a leading sun sign astrologer right here at The Sun Sign School


Becoming a Sun Sign Astrologer.

Are you interested in learning astrology, just for yourself, or perhaps to make a new part-time or full-time income?

The Sun Sign School is a new way to learn the world’s most popular kind of astrology – Sun Sign horoscope prediction. Your teachers include myself and the British astrology authors and academics, Barbara Dunn and Maggie Hyde (all three of us have written columns for Cosmopolitan magazine – two of us are number one bestselling Amazon list authors, I’m happy to say!).

On the other side of the world, Stephanie Johnson and Joanne Madeline Moore (two of the best-known astrologers in Australia and Asia) have amazing experience to pass on to you, via Cleo, the Australian Women’s Weekly and Marie Claire magazines – and world-famous Solar Fire and Astrogold software and chart reports.

Someone who sums up the Sun Sign School approach really well is the one and only Penny Thornton who is not only an author and horoscope columnist, but also sees personal clients – of which Diana, Princess of Wales, is the best known.


Here's what you get

House Systems Basics

Sun Sign Astrology is usually based on horoscopes created with the Solar Sign house system. In this presentation, Stephanie Johnson, guest tutor - and one of the names behind Solar Fire software - looks at the nature of ‘houses’ in Sun Sign astrology.

Uranus in Taurus - Predicting World Economy Upheaval

In this presentation Joanne Madeline Moore, guest tutor, looks at Uranus in Taurus and the coming global property crash.

How Sun Sign (Media Astrology) Began in 17th Century London

Barbara Dunn - Audio Podcast Interview With Julian Venables Sun Sign astrology columns and features in the 20th century were usually to be found in newspapers and magazines - and in the case of American astrologer Evangeline Adams, on the radio. Today they are found online as websites or webinars. Back in 17th century Britain, these kinds of prediction-based astrology forecasts existed in almanacs.

Jupiter the Planet of Expansion, Growth and Optimism in Sun Sign Astrology

In this podcast Jessica Adams, author of the #1 Amazon astrology list bestseller 2020 Astrology: Your Five-Year Horoscope Guide, and Elle magazine's Bernard Fitzwalter, looks at Jupiter as he passes through. This is real life, real time astrology you can apply to your own Sun Sign chart and those of the people you know - and celebrities - to see why this cycle is among the most famous in media horoscope columns.

Overview of Sun Sign Astrology

This audio podcast, looks at Sun Sign astrology as a whole. Maggie Hyde is the #1 Amazon list bestselling author of a number of books on Carl Jung. Her wide experience as both a Sun Sign writer (for Cosmopolitan magazine) and in academia makes her uniquely qualified to take a long overview of Sun Sign astrology.

Penny Thornton’s World of Astrology - Video

Penny Thornton, like Maggie Hyde, has wide experience as both a Sun Sign media astrologer and personal, consulting astrologer too. Her most famous client was Diana, Princess of Wales. Penny is the author of several critically acclaimed books, looking at the deeper meaning of the birth chart, including reincarnation.

And more...

Over a six-month period, Sun Sign School students including you, will be part of a vast, global Media Astrology F.A.Q. Everyone who joins Sun Sign School is eligible to learn media astrology and more, with heavy discounts and personal tuition from Jessica Adams, Joanne Madeline Moore, Stephanie Johnson, Maggie Hyde and Penny Thornton. Occasional guests include Natalie Delahaye, Sharon Knight, Victor Olliver, Neil Spencer and many more. PS: Did you know Sun Sign School is supported by Oscar Cainer and Shelley von Strunckel?


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