Stephanie in Bazaar Eclipses
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Zoom Recap April 29th-30th

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  1. Thanks Jessica and Alicia for another great class today.

    I’m a Sun Cancer with 14 degrees in Cancer and 13 degrees in Leo. I drew the 6 of pentacles card. Someday, I hope I’m in the position to help those less fortunate.

  2. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you so much for both your time and Alicia’s to run the informative zoom sessions.
    I pulled the Queen of cups which you touched on in the session..and said I was on right track you mentioned pregnancies I have one adult child and no other planned/ unplanned pregnancies in this life could it be a past life ?
    My card to shed light was 5 of swords.. I see a man smiling with feet firmly planted albeit could move in any direction, a calm flat sea maybe Neptune , clouds that look like a lot of energy around ? A larger than life character.
    When looking at my natal chart I have transiting mars on my natal Mercury and my ic/ mh at 14 Leo/ Aquarius, NN at 5 Taurus.
    Any hints on how to pull this together would be appreciated.
    I think the above is way above my skill Level and maybe I should for now not to complicate things work with maybe my Sun sign in conjunction with tarot and once my skill set improves I can add natal chart as I am unsure how to round it out with the three.
    Your thoughts would be appreciated.
    Once again I am enjoying and learning every week.
    Hugs from Sydney

    1. Thanks Amanda. The baby on the throne in the Queen of Cups was your adult child, as an infant. You are doing really well with your reading. You are picking up Neptune in the card and Neptune is across your chart by transit. Yes, stick to Sun Sign and Tarot at first if that is easier.

  3. From what I have been reading. Eclipses repeat about every 19 years, the return of the nodes. Funny they are in or near the same degree. I am still trying to figure this out.

    The last Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio at ~14 degrees was May 4, 2004. So I am looking back to that time frame for what was going on in my life and also were any of the planets in the same degree.

    Just looking at the eclipse for this May 5, it is in the 11th house for my sun (natal) chart of Capricorn. It is pulling in Venus (13 deg) from my second house of Aquarius. The card I pulled is the 5 of Pentacles. This all just flows together perfectly and its also important to note that my second house is also the 11th house for 0 Aries Natural chart. So I have 2 11th house themes coming into play along with a second house theme. Money and groups. Commitments and finances.

    Not surprising that I am involved in many groups at work now(committees) and most with financial intentions, fund raising to be precise. The eclipse, to me, as well at the card signal a few things for me personally. I mean the theme is commitment, committee, commit. Who and what I am I committed to personally, professionally and financially. What commitments are beneficial and which ones should be let go of? I will refrain from making any more commitments May 4-6 and take time to meditate on the ones I am in.

    Looking back to 2004, I also had overextended myself with commitments. I was working with a friend who started an engineering firm with her husband. I was doing all of the corporate development, created and staffing departments, creating all the documentation, SOPs etc, creating traning material, databases, managing the test chamber for antenna testing and customer relations, along with so much more. I was married to my second husband at the time who was very upset that I was spending so much time on work. I had a passion and a mission to take this business as far as it could go. Long story. But I see the theme playing out again. I am committed to my job,taking care of my grandson, my father, dealing with the committees at work, I am doing an IT internship, taking this class and two other classes. Its like I need to find a balance and one path but I am not satisfied doing one thing.

    The 5 of Pentacles is fascinting to me too as it mentions eclipse and other things that relate to this very time in my life. I see commitment again in this car. What am I committing myself to regarding my attitude, outlook, thinking. Am I committed to looking down and only seeing problems? Or am I committed to looking up and seeing the solutions? I also get really strong Tiny Tim/Scrooge vibes here. It was the change in perception that changed Scrooges entire life. He had the money but not the joy. One without the other is makes either pretty meaninless.
    I tend to interpret many of these cards as my conscious and unconsicious self and try to find the harmonies and the disconnects.

    I am interested to see what the eclipse holds for the Coronation on Saturday. I don’t like to think of things be hard for anyone, Prince or Pauper, but I guess we all have our Karma to work out.

    I like to look at weather patterns during nodal returns. In 2004 USA had a very mild summer, and one of the coldest July’s on record. “They”, are predicting a mild May so I will be watching that.

    I don’t feel confident to look at charts like NYSE/Wall Street and high profile figures yet.

    I am making notes though about financial upheavals globally. In 2004 the US Securties Exchange loosed the reins on investing for high dollar corporations, the five that qualified were Bear Stearns, Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs, and Morgan Stanley, and none survived the 2008 credit crisis in the USA

    Will be keeping close watch on my personal prediction and report back!

  4. Will we be looking at Neptune and Saturn touring Pisces for the next few years?

    I find it fascinating this is happening in the Natural 12th house. It’s like good v. evil, yin and yang, what we want v what we need, inner v. outer.

    Neptune is unbridled but Saturns rings are like a girth around the belly of that wild pony. Saturns rings are filled with comets, asteriods, shattered moons and more. Saturn is like the vaccuum cleaner of space, however the particles in its rings are in a constant tug of war between the pull of Saturn’s gravity and the push of being thrust back into space. Duality, which way do I go?

    Now what I find most interesting is that NASA is speculating that the rings of Saturn have not always been there nor will they remain there. If this research proves to be accurate, I wonder what it means for human kind once those rings eventually disappear? Will that be the rising of our collective consciouness to enlightenment? An actual peaceful and civilized people living in harmony amongst ourselves and all living things?

  5. My natal Saturn in Libra (Retro) is exactly 30 degrees from the eclipse in 9th house (sun chart) or 7th (natural) So I’m curious how the eclipse with affect me as I also pulled the 9 of Pentacles which is prosperity and as I read in your description the snail is moving slowing. I kind of take this to mean that should stay grounded and be persistent with my investments but what could be hidden I ask myself. I will have to wait to find out. Also, I see that Saturn in Libra indicates my love of long trips – I have a trip to France planned in October – and I read that Sa in Li in 9th house might mean trouble overseas. A lot of stuff but mostly it seems positive.

  6. Thank you Jessica and Alicia I know first hand how much work goes into putting a zoom together and then getting it to the website. Do love how the website is evolving as well.
    This esclipse like the last one is sending my chart into action, but this time my husband’s and our son is chiming as well. Guessing this is a family affair!
    I’m sitting with Psyche at 14 & Mars at 13 Aquarius, Cupid at 13 Sagittarius, Aesculapia at 14 Leo.
    My husband Taurus Sun with his birthday 5 May 14 deg Taurus, Aesculapia at 14 Capricorn
    Seeing I had an aspect in Leo being children,stepchildre and the younger generation I thought I would look at the 2 children. While our daughter does not even register close to a 14, our son was a different story. Taurus Sun as well, he is aspecting with Juno at 13 Pisces and Ceres at 15 Sagittarius.

    So my take was that there is something being hidden by our son. Which is not unusual as a secretive soul. But then I could be completely wrong and this is something the 3 of us are involved in together. I found it interesting my husband and I both have Aesculapia at 14.19 both a perfect match between Leo for me and Capricorn for him. As a man he was brought up to be the bread winner and it has taken along time for him to realise that family life matters too. Where mine is all about the younger generation and I was always the one left holding the baby so to speak and success/ambition was always placed on the back burner.

    I pulled the Queen of Swords and had Psyche dominate the card which I instantly put together with the Psyche aspect in my chart. The fact that their was the childs face as well chimed with the fact this involved one of the children as well. On asking what is hidden I drew the 6 pentacles. So this is all about money, morales and justice. There is an energy exchange happening here whether it is given or received I have not worked out yet.

  7. Watching to Coronation and Charles’ sitting holding the golden globe and then with the two “wands” reminds me of the Two of Wands Tarot card!

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