Mars-Pluto 21 May 12 Noon UK
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May 13-14 Zoom Tutorial

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  1. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for these Zoom sessions.

    I pulled the Knight of Swords and what jumped out for me was that he was ‘all go’, rushing, quick and just felt this intense rush of energy go through me. I felt a bit unsure what it was about and I think it might be linked to what was ‘eclipsed’ for me at the last eclipse. So I pulled a clarifying card which turned out to be The High Priestess. For me personally it reminds me of all the hard lessons I’ve learned in the Pluto in Capricorn years. During that transit I used my higher education and willpower to push through and I’m now in a better position, though not completely out of the sticks yet. It seems like the cards are saying I’ll have to remember what I’ve learnt these last few years and use my willpower to get through this situation.

    Any insight would be appreciated.

    Thank you for your time and see you at the Full Moon Zoom session 🙂

    1. You interpreted that card correctly. You used higher education to push through and so your second card was also correct – The High Priestess. By now you are a couple of weeks along so the prediction should have settled. If you go to your natal chart you will find Gemini and/or Sagittarius which talks to you more about higher education, ongoing.

  2. Hi Jessica
    I missed the session this morning as the group I have joined has stared qigong sessions by the beach in the early morning. I have enjoyed watching the zoom replay and I can say it is so much better watching it live! I have Mars in Leo in my natal chart and I drew 8 of cups Tarot which I have attempted to interpret. My husband and I are housesitting our neighbours house starting this weekend while our house next door down the south coast of NSW is being completed. Our intention is to move there. I have a natal Scorpio moon at 12 and the eclipse has just occurred and the sun and moon are in the top of the card I pulled. I only just said to my husband yesterday when we move I will miss the people in my yoga group who have become such good friends. I will also miss the children and grandchildren. We both agreed that we can always come back. So I guess the figure walking away with the red shoes and red dress is probably me walking away but knowing these solid gold people will be here when I come back. I think the stick symbolises the uncertainty and instability I have been feeling.
    Would love your feedback on my interpretation.
    So grateful for all the time you give.

    1. Thank you Linda. You have quite a fixed chart there with Mars in Leo and also your Moon in Scorpio. The Moon in the card shows the lunar eclipse cycle which just caught you and of course you can go back to who and what you left behind. It will be a different time, literally, in every sense of the world. The Scorpio Full Moon Eclipse is about abdicating, giving up, and then returning with quite a new role. So that’s your path now.

  3. Hi Jessica,
    I’m playing catch-up with Sun Sign School Zooms! I’ve yet to watch the Zoom from this morning (21st) as Sunday mornings have been tricky.
    I attended the Friday evening Jupiter in Taurus Zoom (thank you!).
    For the Global News of the Pluto/Mars Opposition, I drew The Lovers.
    For myself – Two of Swords.
    You mentioned that someone else drew Two of Swords too.
    For me, this is definitely a reference to me, flying blind. I am not in control of some situations, and would like to be, but fear of making a mistake holds me back from action. This is going to change, because I have changed my mind about how I conduct myself. My son was watching ‘Dodgeball’ earlier today and I caught the big ‘challenge’ scene at the end, where Vince Vaughn’s character defeats his rival, blindfolded.
    Perhaps I can win, blindfolded.
    The effects of the recent Lunar Eclipse are also here, for sure. I just don’t know what they are. Perhaps I won’t.
    I have 2 factors at 00 degrees – Vesta in Aries and Venus in Virgo. Vesta – female competition for male attention in my Natal 10th House (Aries/Image) and complicated female relationships in my Natal 2nd House (Virgo/Daily Routine & work). Interesting. I’m not sure what to make of that. The Mediumship group that I have been invited to join is comprised of several women and 1 man. I have not yet met everyone in person. Perhaps this is not the week to commence, as it is very flexible and determined by our schedules.
    For the World reading, and The Lovers, my first thought was about J.K. Rowling and the quagmire of ‘Men and Women’ politics that she is central to (Perhaps your reference to her made her top-of-mind). While she may continue to be castigated by the aggressive Activist class, I think ultimately, her views and ‘reality’ will be vindicated. The Higher Power will see to it.
    I’ll see what your Resources have to say about it. Curious to see what it might mean.
    Thanks again for a brilliant Zoom, and thanks to Alicia too.

    1. Thanks so much DinP. By now you will know how the Tarot showed up in your life. I agree with you about J.K.Rowling and the War On Women (what Graham Linehan calls it). The fightback against this war is only just beginning and we are just starting to see it surface in women’s sport. This is the Pluto in Aquarius cycle where feminism triumphs, no matter if we’re talking about Boudicca or Elizabeth I and it is happening again.

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