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Zoom Tutorial May 20th-21st

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  1. I am wondering if the new moon in Taurus 2024 would also be a good time for starting new financial endeavors since Jupiter will still be there??


    1. Good question. The New Moon in Taurus in the Second House of finance falls on Wednesday 8th May 2024 at 3.23am GMT London. It arrives with the Sun at 18 Taurus and Moon at 18 Taurus. It will chime with Jupiter in Taurus going from 24 to 29 degrees from 1st May to 25th May, when he leaves that sign. We also have Uranus at Taurus 22 through 24 degrees all month. Venus is in Taurus 1-29 degrees from 1st May to 23rd May. Mercury enters Taurus at 0 degrees on 16th May. The Sun is of course in Taurus from 11 to 29 degrees, May 1st to May 20th. So this stellium in Taurus will see a new beginning in the world economy. Luck and protection in the world economy. Liberating, progressive, brand new ways for people to find financial independence (free of banks, for example, or free of tax). Most people feel trapped by banks or tax so this is Independence Day with so many Uranus conjunctions. People will be cutting deals with partners or relatives. There will be key paper trails and signatures. Everything is clear and visible. If your chart agrees, then use that New Moon for a financial launch.

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