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What is Synastry?

Synastry and Astrology Synastry is the comparison of astrology charts (usually between couples) looking for easy or difficult marriage factors. We can do it with

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Zodiac Signs

Decoding Horoscope Symbols

Decode Horoscope Symbols With One Chart Special thanks to guest tutor Stephanie Johnson at AstroGold for this handy chart. You know the signs – here

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Astrology Chart Symbols

Astrology Chart Symbols – 34 Horoscope Factors in the Chart Thanks to Stephanie Johnson, our guest tutor, and her software company AstroGold, you can now

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Spotlight on Aries

Aries the First Sign of the Zodiac Jessica Adams looks at Aries. Sharon Knight talks about her Aries Sun Sign with a lifetime of professional

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Your Pluto Sign

Pluto in Your Natal Chart Natalie Delahaye was the first astrologer in the world to obtain the birth data of Catherine, Princess of Wales. Here

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Hygiea, Juno and Ops

Hygiea, Juno and Ops in Your Birth Chart The asteroids which fit into the original Roman family tree of astrology, are like any relatives. They

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