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Predicting 2028 With Astrology

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  1. First of all, I notice the trine of this Eclipse at 6Aquarius with Uranus at 6 Gemini; Pluto in Aquarius with Neptune in Aries (and also Saturn in Aries) – as these two make a long transit in the global identity sector, makes me wonder whether the so-called ‘Singularity’ could be declared achieved: where AIs and other technologies are considered to become smarter than humans.

    This would be a cause for the revolutionary events we’ve seen that Pluto in Aquarius can bring – helped by some shock with the help of Uranus in Gemini and also the mass societal confusion and difficulty to define what it is/what we are after that (with Neptune and Saturn in Aries).

    What is hidden, and the change in the power structures: well… as we can see, these AIs are owned by super corporations and they are being fed the whole knowledge available on the Internet (at the moment, stealing and not respecting copyright for millions of creators worldwide). If this is not a huge transfer of power, what is?

    I’m afraid, we will be told, finally some power will be given to the people – but the real story is that the true reign is (forcibly, behind the scenes) taken from the old rulers and given to new ones. The North Node is in Aquarius and the South Node in Leo, so there’s some 18 months hot topic about who rules humanity – and how humans are being ruled. Maybe empowered?

    Personally, I don’t feel we are enlightened enough as an overall society for the power to be taken by us, all of us, just yet, in the way that we become self governed.
    We’ll see.

    1. That’s a good take on this aspect. Professor Stephen Hawking was concerned about AI years ago. I suspect the transit as a whole will be years of pros and cons. It won’t really be until Pluto is established in Aquarius and Uranus is established in Gemini that we see outcomes. Thank you. Jessica.

    2. Yes, it’s a very airy aspect with a big focus on the media, the internet and political parties and grassroots organisations. The eclipse suggests a cover-up.

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