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Asteroid Diana on YouTube

Diana the Goddess of the Hunt This interview recorded with Ana Isabel and Jessica Adams in September 2023 is about the asteroids in your birth

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The Venus Family Tree

The Venus Family Tree and the Asteroids I’m giving a two-part lecture on the asteroids in astrology in March 2024 at The Astrological Lodge of

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Zodiac Signs

Decoding Horoscope Symbols

Decode Horoscope Symbols With One Chart Special thanks to guest tutor Stephanie Johnson at AstroGold for this handy chart. You know the signs – here

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Astrology Chart Symbols

Astrology Chart Symbols – 34 Horoscope Factors in the Chart Thanks to Stephanie Johnson, our guest tutor, and her software company AstroGold, you can now

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The Asteroid Aesculapia

In your full modern astrology chart, the asteroid Aesculapia (number 1027) shows where you revive, resurrect, renew and repair – particularly any situation, person, institution or place which is on the brink.

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