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Stephanie Johnson

My Sun Sign is Sagittarius

Stephanie Johnson on Her Sun Sign – Sagittarius In this series we ask guest Sun Sign School tutors like Harper’s Bazaar contributor Stephanie Johnson to

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Astrology Chart Symbols

Astrology Chart Symbols – 34 Horoscope Factors in the Chart Thanks to Stephanie Johnson, our guest tutor, and her software company AstroGold, you can now

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Sun Signs and Transits

Patric Walker and Transits Patric Walker at Harpers & Queen, whose classic 1981 horoscopes for Diana (and Charles) are reproduced here, used the same transits

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Spread 1

A Favourite Tarot Spread for Beginners by Katie-Ellen

We can do a tarot reading with just a single card, using it as a focus of reflection and meditation. But sometimes we need a conversation, a story, a linear narrative, using a line or sequence of cards to follow and unpack the flow of the tarot’s message.

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