The Jung Natal Chart

The Carl Jung Natal Chart What does Jung’s natal chart tell us about his passion for astrology and his own discovery – synchronicity? Feature by

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My Virgo Stellium

How Is Life With A Virgo Stellium? Jessica Adams writes about life with a Virgo stellium. How does it feel to live in your Sixth

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My Leo Moon

My Big, Bold, Bright….Shy, Shadowy, Sublime Leo Moon Sun Sign School subscriber and Substack columnist Annie Munroe looks at her Leo moon sign. Big ideas.

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Capricorn Sign Fleet St

My Capricorn Moon Sign

Being a Capricorn Moon Born At Noon Sun Sign School subscriber and Substack columnist Julie Fowler looks at her Capricorn Moon.  It’s when my Dad

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Aspects in Astrology

The Aspects in Astrology The aspects are geometrical patterns in your astrology chart which show you what’s going on. In modern astrology we use exact

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